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My name is Jes, I adventure to grow, travel to learn and am an advocate for all things outdoors.  Addicted To The Climb, I am spreading the natural contagious high that is the great outdoors.

Climbing mountains and spending much time in nature healed me and changed my perspective during some difficult times both mentally and physically.  I spend much of my time paying them back for all they have given me.  After experiencing some major health issues, logging way too many miles behind the wheel of a car and staying in way too many chain hotels I broke free and began to explore trails along my corporate travels to help find my purpose.

After 15 years in professional sales consulting in the healthcare/medical device arena I resigned from my career on January 1st 2014.  I took the leap from the corporate world to pursue my dreams of taking on the biggest summits life has to offer, teaching and informing the world of my transformation and inspiring people to get back to basics and get outdoors!

As I began to tell my story so many people were inspired by it and began sharing it.  As a result I am so proud to be able to share this list of of the media channels and partnerships I have had the privilege to be part of:

This blog is my way to pay forward what I have been given, enlightenment.  I invite you to share your experiences as I share mine and get inspired to feel the bliss that our heavenly earth has to offer.

I offer up humor, recipes, opinion, inspiration, research, trail reviews, adventure, bring in guests and do my best to keep you entertained and motivated and inspired!

I organize posts via these 3 Categories:

Nutrition talks about the Paleo lifestyle I follow due to my G.I. disease.  I am a modern Cavewoman!  I post recipes, tips, and other helpful hints to help you navigate and research the murky waters that we call nutrition.

Happy Trails shares trip reports and descriptions with photos of many of the trails I have done and can serve as a great start for trails you may be interested in.  I am a native to and reside in the rugged desert mountains of Arizona.  I summit in 110 degree heat in the summers, kayaking, canyoneering and exploring the rivers and lakes in the Southwest. I love to travel to the ocean looking for tame waves to surf.  My winters are spent strapped on a snowboard or learning how to better carry an ice axe looking for more ways to self arrest and get snow tipped views from the mountains tops of the Western USA.

Musings share anything that involves keeping me on track for the physical and mental game called life.  Here you will find motivation, inspiration and other helpful posts to help push you out of your comfort zone.

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Thank you for visiting, staying, sharing, enjoying, laughing and living life with me.

Peace, Love & Dirt,

-Jes the “Chronic Climber Chick”

Blogger, Writer, Photographer, Mountaineer, Adventurer, Hiker, Guide, Advocate of all things outdoors, Founder of SoulCare by CCC



I am not a dietitian, nutritionist, or certified trainer.  I am a normal, smart, professional Woman who is also an athlete.  I was diagnosed with a very serious case of diverticulitis and within moments almost lost 60% of my G.I. tract due to it.  Once in recovery to avoid surgery going forward I did a tremendous amount of research and adopted a Paleo lifestyle.  The results I have personally seen and felt are worth sharing. 

 I am fortunate to have a network of professional athletes from many walks of life, nutritionists, trainers and other medical professionals to learn from. I am sharing my personal journey for those of you who experience similar types of health issues or are simply interested in the information I gather. I hope it encourages you and points you in the right direction to research further for your own personal well being. 

For those of you who are looking to share in my relentless hiking passion, or those who simply enjoy learning about the things I come across I am happy to have you all along on this incredible ride!

The information contained on this web site is not to be considered a guide, instead it is my report of the trails I have done so that you may have a general idea of what to expect on the hikes. I take no responsibility nor assume liability for inaccuracies, errors, omission, or incompleteness of any information.

You are responsible for using your judgment in interpreting and using this information to safely enjoy your own outdoor pursuits. Each trail has its own potential hazards, each needs to be evaluated for each person based on that person’s personal fitness level and other considerations.

Boy Scouts motto: Be Prepared!!