Black Mountain Summit Cave Creek, AZ.

Today Napoleon and I did his favorite hike, and what I like to call the most neighborhood, small town feel, dog friendly hike close to our house. It is 1165 feet of climbing over 1.2 miles to the summit so a pretty good heart pumper.  Considering Camelback is 1.2 miles and 1200 feet it is similar in effort.  This one is different terrain however, more similar to Piestewa.  The views up top are 360 degree panoramic and so very worth the drive up to Cave Creek.

This is a very easy to access and very fun climb to do.  It is right in downtown Cave Creek so it’s always fun to hang in Cave Creek for a little fun after.  Sunday’s they have a little farmers market at El Encanto and several other fairs almost every weekend.

The parking is very limited, however it never seems to be a problem.  There always seems to be a spot open.  It is mostly done by locals and people in the neighborhood with a few tourist scattered here and there.

Black Mountain trail parking is on Schoolhouse Rd. south of Cave Creek Rd. in downtown Cave Creek.



There is a new sign showing the beginning of the trail once you climb up the paved and dirt roads.  This is the official trail.  I usually continue up the right on the jeep road because it follows the west ridge of Black Mountain and has great views the whole way up.  This trail connects eventually but follows up the canyon for about 1/2 a mile.  Eventually when they sell the land and development continues this will be the only trail. It is a little primitive but used often so you can usually find someone to show you the way.



There are a few false summits.



Napoleon reporting from the Black Mountain summit.  This was his 2nd hike back since his season started.  It has to generally be a max of 75 degrees for him to join.  This is looking south.



Looking North from Black Mountain Summit



Looking East from Black Mountain Summit.



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