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Namaste Tribe,

Once again has been a bit since I’ve written to you.

I had so much to summarize in the last few months of education I was gifted throughout my travels.

Since my last glossy keyed report I visited Utah to attend the Outdoor Retailer show and do some backpacking with industry partners. I met with several top companies and learned about all of the different amazing causes they are behind. I got a good feel for what our industry as a whole represents.  I attended several break out sessions with Outdoor Industry Association.  The overall theme: Unity.


A pre-show backpacking trip in the High Uintas

The highlight of this trip was when I joined the Outdoor Industry Association as a member with SoulCare by CCC.  The amount of education that I’ve received from becoming a member with the information that they provide from a bipartisan viewpoint has opened my mind in so many ways.  The most memorable moment of that experience was a roundtable discussion led by Katie Boue speaking on the impact of Social Media and using it for good.  We had everyone from hunters to vegans in the room and spoke about the lack of diversity in our message as an industry.  It was incredibly apparent that we must all come together and find common ground.  That common ground continues to be found in the outdoors.



Keeping an eye out for falling meteorites at NASA Langley

Keeping an eye out for falling meteorites at NASA Langley

I was then given an incredible opportunity with an invitation to visit NASA Langley in Virginia to learn all about the research that they’re doing in that incredibly dynamic research center.  I witnessed a test landing of Orion spacecraft and learned about all they are doing to prepare for the Journey to Mars.


NASA Langley Hangar

While touring the facility we were inside the NASA Langley hangar where we learned about all the research these aircraft are doing for our environment.  NASA Langley is the division of NASA that focuses on earth sciences.  One thing that particularly stuck with me was the research they have been doing monitoring phytoplankton, the food source for our oceans.  Our shared oceans provide 70% of our breathable oxygen. That monitoring along with many other very important research on this planet is done via the aircraft in the hangar at NASA Langley.

The amount of facts and public information they provide to the entire planet is something that is unparalleled. The preservation of all of the scientific information that has been gathered is incredibly important that we still continue to share it for the greater good of all earthly inhabitants.

Regardless of how you feel about global warming, there are some facts about the ecosystem the cannot be ignored.  NASA uses all of this information and shares it with the world.  For the benefit of all.


Outdoorist is the term OIA uses to describe this community commited to collaboration.

Outdoorist is the term OIA uses to describe this community committed to collaboration.

Lastly, I was given a grant to attend Outdoor Industry’s annual rendezvous in Denver. I got to spend three days listening to some of the top people in the Outdoor Industry speak on our environment and government officials speak about the importance of unity, collaboration and again with the theme that we all have to put our differences aside and even our competitive stances in business to come together and share information, it’s more important than ever.


Building local trails at South Table Mountain in Golden, Colorado.

Building local trails at South Table Mountain in Golden, Colorado.

We came together to work on trails we may never personally traverse.

The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit – Nelson Henderson

The time I got to spend in Denver was the pinnacle of this important little summer journey I took.

Since then, we’ve obviously had an election.  So many of the things that have put in place by these bipartisan organizations have been disheveled. Public lands are something we all benefit from and share.  The diversity that makes us who we are as a nation is what makes us united.  Regardless of any of those policies that are being threatened there are so many things that we can do outside of our stance on politics to come together and respect the resources we all have to share.

With that being said I was trying to figure out how to pull all of this together, how to share and make the most of these incredible gifts that have been given to me,  and occurred to me on a recent trip to Hawaii that I went to celebrate what will be my 40th year on the planet.

It all came down to this idea.

I’m in the beginning stages of planning a local clean up here in the metropolitan Phoenix or surrounding area of one of our public lands. The idea here is to get people out to see the litter on a micro basis, just in our community and educate them on a larger basis of what our environment and the health of our environment have to do with the very big picture of healthcare,  pollution, conservation, all of those things that us outdoor lovers unite on. I’m looking for anybody that’s interested in sponsoring, participating, giving raffle gifts for, sharing ideas, bringing education, whatever your cause may be, everyone is welcome.

The health of our shared earth is important for everybody living on it.

It is a human rights, animal rights, public health and environmental health issue. It all starts with the planet that we live on and share with every other living organism in it.

The idea here if you do choose to join is grabbing a sense of community within all of us while we grab some litter. Finding something that we can connect on and agree on and do something for the better for all earlthy inhabitants involved.

Is this a huge challenge?

I don’t know that depends on all of you.

If you can put aside your need to be right based on politics or religion and come together to understand each other for the sake of the environment for a day.

Here’s an opportunity not to sway others or change their minds on their beliefs, but to understand each other and find out how we can help each other regardless of where we stand. It is all about understanding after all, doesn’t mean you have to agree, when you understand somebody makes it impossible to hate them.  It takes away the fear, that is where unity lives.

Do I have a budget for this project? No

Do I have funds for this project? No

Do I have a place in mind yet where would benefit most from a cleanup and a good location for this? No.

Do I have a community of incredibly diverse and caring people that have been following this blog for five years? Yes.

Do I believe we can all get together and share information and then we can all think for ourselves based on the information provided? Yes.

If there’s one thing that every single one of us has in common regardless of race gender political affiliation any of the other things that seem to divide us, it is this. Our shared planet.

We all breathe the same air.

We all eat the food and animals that come from this planet.

We all drink the water that this planet provides.

We all share this planet with every living organism and humans do not own and are certainly not the sole species that call our wilderness home.

If we can keep it to that simple level of finding a way to make all of those resources available for everybody, we can leave all that other aside and come together based on these simple facts.

That’s my hope for this anyway.

I do believe in us. All of us. And do I believe that taking a day to go out and do something as small as picking up litter is a good place to start conversations? Absolutely.

This is the experiment.

Let’s test it out

This event could have 2 people show up or 200. I don’t really care I am just going to allow the flow and if you’d like to contact me and let me know if you’re interested in what your ideas are.

If you’re in another state I want to try to do the same thing there, we can pick a date and coordinate. I’m really very open to ideas from every segment of this community.

Let’s get moving.



Let’s stir up some Peace, Love & Dirt


In a true Earth-radical group, concern for wildnerness preservation must be the keystone.  The idea of wilderness, after all, is the most radical in human thought- more radical than Paine, than Marx, than Mao.  Wilderness says: Human beings are not paramount, Earth is not for Homo sapiens alone, human life is but one life from on the planet and has no right to take exclusive possession.  Yes, wilderness for it’s own sake, without any need to justify human benefit.  Wilderness for wilderness. For bears and whales and titmice and rattlesnakes and stink bugs.  And…wilderness for human beings… Because its home. – Dave Foreman (Confessions of an Eco-Warrior)


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