Deep Breaths at 10,000 Feet : Telluride Yoga Festival


Take a deep breath with me, pull it through your nostrils from the tip top of your crown all the way down your spine, let it fill your belly, travel down the back of your legs to the tip of your big toe.  Hold it…  just little longer……  now let it go…

I started writing this blog 4 years ago this month.  I was looking for depth.  I was finding a way to connect with my work.  To share my story, to bring what was happening withing me to a place that I felt I could be open, vulnerable, honest.  To share the people and places along my travels.  I was on the road for almost 15 years in my sales career. What I loved most about my career was connecting with local people and learning about their way of life.  Feeling their energy through the cities, towns and natural places they called home.  Helping bring a sense of community through health to them.  I was a modern carpetbagger, however the products I was carrying in my bag weren’t exactly what I wanted to sell.  So I decided maybe it was time to begin to find out what that would be if I were to create that from scratch.

I spent the final 11 years of my career with companies that had me calling on many health professionals all over the southwestern USA.  I got to see a tremendous amount of this magical slice of earth.  Part of me knew that I would end up in some form continuing to travel for work, however wherever the road was going to take me would now be my choice.  A clear plot of dirt to plant my seeds the way I wanted, to nurture the soil for what would be the second part of my life.  Every single one of these types of stories always looks like it was a strait line up the side of a mountain to the summit.  Not even close.  I took the wrong trail at first, it was a good trail- just not mine.  I learned a tremendous amount along that trail and spent quite a bit of time and resources on it. It was a valuable and heartfelt education. With that I knew that was not the right way for me.  So I started over.

SoulCare by CCC was launched in June of 2015.  Here I am once again being drawn back to the glossy keys to tell the stories of this long strange trip.

Festivals and retreats have become such a tremendous way for humans to connect with themselves in so many different ways.  I have attended a variety and multitude of them myself and held my first retreat last fall with K2 Adventures. SoulCare and the foundation that has been built is really suited for these types of community events.  I applied to be a vendor for an annual Yoga Festival in one of my most favorite towns ever in Telluride, Colorado.

Once approved I had to summon all my years of experience traveling and setting up booths all over the country for the companies I represented over the years.  This wasn’t a normal set up however, this was the first full size traveling store I had ever set up that was full of products, marketing, formulas, labels, attire, everything created by me, and there was not one person in this town that knew who I was or had ever heard of SoulCare before.  This was a true test of the foundation I have built.

I loaded up my adventure mobile Moxie with the perfect mix of work and adventure, then did what I have done for almost half my life and hit the road.  I was really excited to visit this part of the country again, the four corners is a tremendously diverse, majestic and spiritually charged area.  The incredible vast open spaces of Monument Valley are indescribable, the feeling of connection to earth that I feel in this part of the world is so moving, so mysterious, mystical and spiritual.  I feel like this rock is in my blood. I took a detour and drove through Monument Valley proper.  I was being called there.  For good reason.  I took it all in and continued up to what is to me, one of the most beautiful stretches of road I’ve ever been on, the San Juan Parkway.

The sleepy little towns nestled into the mixture of red rock and lush greens of Rico, Dolores and Ophir strike something within me that my eyes are unable to fully absorb.  The highway leading into Telluride is one you take slow, savoring the sights, stopping frequently, breathing in the incredible crisp air all those green lungs are busy recycling, mostly as a way to keep my heart from exploding taking it all in.






I pulled into the humble Mountainside Inn right in downtown Telluride.  The SoulCare expense account has upgraded from campsites and living out of my truck to a hotel room!  My room reminded me of an upscale version of my college dorm.  I sat there and thought, how apperpo, almost 20 years later here I am again but now with all this wisdom behind me, and at least I have a queen size bed now. I loaded up my little bitty dorm fridge with snacks and immediately went to explore the town.

I was wearing some tall boots without socks, had no water and figured I was just going to take a little walk to get familiar with my surroundings.  6 miles later I was back in my room parched with blisters on my feet and mosquito bites in the most peculiar of places.  These trees were calling to me, asking me to come inside and play.  The mountain slope was begging me to climb it.  I had no choice.  The amount of energy I felt in this town never seemed to dwindle.  The summer sun didn’t set until almost 9pm leaving so much time for both work and play.  I indulged in everything I could.




The following day I had a very early morning to set up my booth and prepare for day 1 of this 3 day festival.  I made my home in the lawn at Elk Square Park and met my neighbors for the weekend.  To my left was Sankofa, a true gypsy soul from Africa and one of the most vibrant and unique individuals I have ever met.  I was certain he was the ringleader of some kind of circus of traveling misfits in a past life.  He sold a variety of goods, all fit for a circus of misfits.  To my right was another gypsy named Sabrina.  She was so full of energy and youth, just beginning to explore all this life has to offer a free spirited soul.  She had several hula hoops and in between visitors we learned all kinds of hula dancing from Sabrina.  I had the Teeki girls in my lawn along with a local spirit selling handmade Mala’s.  I now realized I was the medicine woman in this circus of misfits.  I was right where I was suppose to be.

I was blown away with the response from the people who visited my apothecary of sorts.  My brand, story and purpose were all being represented well.  Back to that breath we took at the beginning of this post… So much gratitude in that exhale.




I enjoyed every second of my time there.  I took several hikes, explored every inch of town, absorbed the healthy vibrant farm to table fare, drank a few ciders, attended sunset yoga at 10,000 feet, met kindred souls, soaked in some hot springs, oh and I also worked 8-12 hours each day.  If you want to call it that. This was such a pivotal week spent in this setting.  That balance – that vibrancy – that energy – that sweet sweet breath between purpose, passion and play.  The lungs.  The breath.  The path.  I am on the right one.






Until next time, enjoy that sweet breath and exhale ::

Peace, Love & Dirt,

~ Jes


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