Hey Housekeeping It’s About Time You Showed Up!

I am finally cleaning up the aftermath of the class 5 tornado I have put myself in the middle of over the last few months!  I am home for 3 weeks in a row for the first time in 9 months. Whoa.

It is always a brilliant act of unraveling, recovering, reconnecting, and refreshing your soul.  Oh- and dealing with the carnage and aftermath of lost toenails, inhibitions, trails, pounds, fears, phone chargers, socks, gear ties, and my mind… that is still yet to be discovered thankfully!

The growth that is experienced is always worth the chaos of adventure.  With that being said, I have several really great updates to share with you!



The blog has been updated, it is MUCH easier to navigate.  I swear at times it was a sick joke trying to find something on here, like the worst bushwacking backcountry trail you have ever been lost on and you have no machete to cut your way out or slit your throat to put yourself out of misery!

I have had cairns put in all over the site to guide you everywhere you want to go!  Clap clap clap!!! There will be more done over time to continue to make this site a modern day resource rather than a lost gold mine map from the 1800’s!



I have been working toward growing my own garden after the many horrible acts of plant death that have occurred under my terrorizing reign as a wannabe farmer.  In the plant world they call me ‘The Black Thumb’.

A real farmer caught wind of this by the stench of dead plants wafting from my yard and he also happens to be a fantastic Urban Farmer.  He came to the rescue and during our effort to end the great garden shutdown of 2013 he also got to know a little bit about me.



Then there I was- on the cover of this great magazine full of beautiful vegetable masterpieces along with some great science driven information on the subject of GMO’S, a conversation about Paleo and many other delicious ideas and recipes.

To get a FREE copy of this issue click on THIS LINK and email the farmer for a copy.

Visit the website A Farmer In The City to get the dirt on great gardening and urban farming resources.





If you are on Twitter and like anything that discusses getting outdoors and all that comes along with it then you have certainly heard of the chat room that happens on Fridays at 12pm EST.  If you haven’t, you are missing out on a virtual adventure!

We like to call it #HikerChat and it’s the biggest outdoor chat room on Twitter!



American Backcountry and Teton Sports host the chat and do everything they can to make it the best chat room on Twitter for the adventurer in all of us.

Last Friday we had an extra special live video edition of #HikerChat titled “Big Adventures”.   I was one of 5 featured adventurers being interviewed live about how to get started from square one on each of our giant endeavors.  It was a blast!!

You can watch the archived video of this chat on You Tube by clicking HERE.  I can’t say enough about #HikerChat and all they have done to support and encourage everyone to get outdoors.  I have been so thrilled and honored to be a part of this team!





So many of you have tuned in to listen to the shenanigans on the podcast IIAWT for the discussions on Humphrey’s Peak and Kilimanjaro.



I was at it again with The Last Adventurer and The Peak Seeker but this time with a twist.  I will use Chris and Matt’s words so you don’t think I am making this up!

branch out from the confines of the IIAWT format to have the first IIAWT question and answer session with their favorite guest of the first year of IIAWT – See more at: http://iiawt.com/podcasts/mt-kilimanjaro-question-and-answer-session-podcast-16/#sthash.1UUwJ7we.dpuf

“In Podcast #16 of In Ice Axe We Trust,  Matt and Chris branch out from the confines of the IIAWT format to have the first IIAWT question and answer session with their favorite guest of the first year of IIAWT, Jes the CCC.”

I wasn’t sure if these guys would ever call me again after I joined them on my first podcast.  I quickly realized these guys have a great sense of humor and It has truly been a blast working with them.  I can’t say enough about them or the community they have developed- I know they have some great stuff coming up too.

You can listen to the archived Q&A segment from the show that aired on October 8th and get some serious laughs while listening to discussions about the dirty sides of mountaineering.

I encourage you to poke around IIAWT newly launched AWESOME site with your Ice Axe and leave the trekking poles at home.


In Podcast #16 of In Ice Axe We Trust (IIAWT), Matt and Chris branch out from the confines of the IIAWT format to have the first IIAWT question and answer session with their favorite guest of the first year of IIAWT, Jes the CCC – See more at: http://iiawt.com/podcasts/mt-kilimanjaro-question-and-answer-session-podcast-16/#sthash.1UUwJ7we.dpuf

In Podcast #16 of In Ice Axe We Trust (IIAWT), Matt and Chris branch out from the confines of the IIAWT format to have the first IIAWT question and answer session with their favorite guest of the first year of IIAWT, Jes the CCC. – See more at: http://iiawt.com/podcasts/mt-kilimanjaro-question-and-answer-session-podcast-16/#sthash.1UUwJ7we.dpuf





This month’s gear review will feature Dahlgren Socks.


I was sent a pair of the Alpaca Plus Ankle Top running socks to test out by a family owned company out of Portland OR.

Here are the specifics:

  • I wore them on 4 different trails and covered 25 miles in them this week.
  • I wore them 3 times for trail running with my Brooks Cascadia Trail Runners (what they are made for) for a total of 13 miles.
  • I wore them 1 time for a 12 mile heavy climbing trail with my Keen Boots (not what they are made for but I wanted to test them in a different shoe).

Here are my thoughts:

  • I am a HUGE fan of Merino Wool.  These used a combo of Merino and Alpaca.  I have never tried Alpaca.  The combo seemed to be just the right mix.  They used the two different Wool materials in absorption zones on the foot.  I would be interested in looking at more Alpaca options to test it on a larger scale since this was a mixture of the two but I think they worked well together.  Dahlgren seems to feel the same.  In 3 of the 4 trail test’s they kept my feet dry, the 3 times I wore them with my trail running shoes.  They got damp with my boots.
  • They were cushioned only on the soles of the feet, not the tops to take the bulk out.  This worked excellent with my trail running shoes.  My feet were dry and snug as a bug in a rug, no slippage and just the right amount of support.  The boots needed more padding on the top of my foot and my feet slipped during descents.
  • The duel tab on the ankle kept the rocks out of my shoes and kept my feet from eating my socks.  I like a thinner sock with my trail runners but the super thin socks leave me with rocks and abrasions on my ankle’s from my shoes rubbing.  These were an excellent height, and stayed put while not feeling bulky.

Final Call:

  • These socks were perfect and lived up to my expectations for the protocol they are made for- trail running.  I would absolutely purchase these for a trail running shoe.  I was very impressed.
  • These socks were not for a hiking boot.  This is not what they are suggested for but I wanted to see exactly how fine tuned they were to the trail running scenario to get a comparison.





I am working on two big posts for you!

  • “What Are You Afraid Of?”
  • “My Top Ten Paleo Recipes”


Until our next rendezvous…




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