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Happy Saturday Loyal Subscribers!

I am working on a couple of great posts.  One is with celebrity chef Jen Arricale who will be sharing some great Paleo recipes and another surveying the world of Crossfit with Jeremy Ford who is a coach certified in Full Strength, Olympic Weightlifting and Crossfit.

In the meantime I wanted to update you all on some new happenings with the CCC!

I have been spending some time with my Facebook page.  I am posting shorter and more frequently there.  If you want to follow along join me at:

I was invited to join a podcast for a mountaineering and climbing group called “In Ice Axe We Trust”.  They have a great and large group of followers with a really fun hour of talking mountains!  I will be a guest on the show this Wednesday March 13th at 8pm PST.  I will be discussing my previous Mt. Humphrey’s climbs and upcoming Kilimanjaro trip.  It is hosted by The Last Adventurer and The Peak Seeker.  It’s a lighthearted and really fun podcast.

If you are available to tune in live great!  If not no fear!  It is recorded and will be available via the site listed above in the archives or on iTunes.

My next large event will be on March 29th in the Grand Canyon.  I will be traversing down South Kaibab Trail to the Colorado River and back up Bright Angel trail in ONE DAY.  It is 16 miles RT and a solid 9 mile 5,000 foot climb out of the canyon.  I will have some awesome experimental Paleo trail food item’s from Sly Fox Nutrition to try out for fuel and report on post hike along with an amazing set of photos and trail stories.

So many exciting things going on!  I am truly humbled and extremely stoked!!  Remember, I am just a regular person like all of you who started speaking about the positive things I am experiencing while holding myself accountable by loudly exclaiming my dreams.  We all have the power to become everything we ever wanted to be.  Make it happen, talk about it, pay it forward.  ENJOY!

Happy Trails and Happy Digestion until our next rendezvous!



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