The Miraculous Power of Connections

Something miraculous happens when you open yourself up to whatever life has in store for you.  When you let go of what you think life is suppose to be.  When you open your heart to accept change.  When that lighted path of purpose begins to become clear.  When you become brave enough to take the biggest risks and face your biggest fears to follow that path.

The people you meet along this lighted path are nothing short of miraculous too.  I began this path to enlightenment after many years of darkness.  Accepting the darkness as a gift is what ultimately led me to the path of light.  I am not afraid of the dark.  I am not afraid of being alone.  Solitude is the place where I found myself and will be where I will continue to visit to never get lost again.

Along this path I have collided with others who have experienced the same level of growth.  The things we can accomplish together as a tribe are unfathomable.  The power of these connections are where miracles happen.

But you must believe in the magic.  I believe, with all my heart.  I also write it down daily, make a plan and work on it. Every single day.  The magic continues to mystify me.

Several of these connections occurred when I traveled alone across the world to Tanzania, Africa.  Something was calling me there and I listened.  No matter what tried to stand in my way I made it happen.




Sharon and I

One immediate connection I made was with my now business partner Sharon Narduzzi.  We were roommates during the time we volunteered at the orphanage and school in Moshi.  We were two different spirits living very different lives however our foundations mirrored each other.

Another woman who opened her heart, mind and soul to a totally foreign experience with no expectations.  We were soul sisters immediately.  The project her and I are creating is something that we can use to grow endlessly, while helping others do the same.  When a woman knows her world needs to be turned upside down a metamorphosis begins. The stardust we are sculpting is the byproduct.

I am still stumbling over how to find a suitable way to describe this indescribable connection.  I realize this is difficult because it is progressing daily, we are growing exponentially in each others presence.






Another incredibly meaningful connection I made was with an optometrist who is the doctor for The Foundation For Blind Children here in Phoenix, Arizona.

When I had the privilege of looking in her eyes I saw something about her that was incredibly special.  She was so familiar, also like a sister.  As we toured The Mwerini  school in Moshi, Tanzania I began to see the impact my new sister had on the world.  Dr. Lisa Chiles and I summited Kilimanjaro together the following week.






We returned home realizing the three of us only lived a short 4 miles away from each other.  We traveled across the world to find each other.  The three of us shared dinner together upon our return from Africa.  These powerful women had plans to begin changing the world together.  We just didn’t know exactly how yet.

One part of realizing your divine path and maybe the most important part is patience.  A virtue that must be perfected.  Many opportunities have presented themselves to me in the last year.  I have said no to so many of them.  Knowing the right one would appear when I am ready for it.

This didn’t mean I wasn’t daily looking for opportunities, experiencing failures, learning lessons of what I didn’t want.  This was the patience part.  When you are clear with your intentions you can feel when something isn’t right for you, regardless of the possible monetary rewards and security it can provide.  The time you take to be alone, that solitude is where the answers appear.

The day came when the opportunity I had been dreaming of appeared via an email from Dr. Lisa Chiles.  The title was ‘Sighted Guide’ and it went something like this:

“We are doing an adventure trip with the Foundation for Blind Children next summer and we are in the process of creating the team. Of course, I thought of you as someone who would love the experience of sharing the joy of outdoors with visually impaired kids who may have never experienced anything like this. We are rafting the Colorado and hiking out of the Grand Canyon.”

Poof, just like that there it was.  I wrote this down in my journal a year and a half prior.  I never surrendered for anything less than what I wanted.  I put myself out there daily.  I studied, shared, inspired with no intention of anything other than hoping my journey would help others begin their own.  Meanwhile the stars continued to align as Lisa and I came to the realization of why our souls met.

I knew I was going to be out of the country for 3 weeks in the same time frame and it was possible it would interfere with those plans.  Once again I practiced patience.  I didn’t push, didn’t try to fit something that wasn’t right and allowed the universe to decide if doing both were meant to be.




Once confirmation came in that I would be back in the USA in time to be a part of this team of marvel I scheduled a visit to The Foundation For Blind Children to accept this invitation and begin another life changing journey.

The energy surrounding this building along with the stories of the people inside that make up this magic kingdom are stories that must be shared.  The journey we are all beginning will be chronicled here along the way.





Two soul sisters back together to share the majesty of the outdoors and all it has provided for the two of us.

Two souls swimming in a sea of wonder with the ability to share it with those who have the superpowers to feel the scenes we can see.

Team marvel has been selected and I am on it.  Dreams coming true – you better believe in it.

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