My Journal of Intention

Hey Strangers!

It’s been some time since words exited my fingers dripping on to the pages of this blog.  I miss you guys! My soul and the fingers it speaks through miss this place.  It always feels like home here. I feel so much love here with my trail family.



As family always understands, we as individuals must go out into the world and experience things for ourselves. We always come back with a stronger trunk and more rooted into the earth we came from.  Seeing and sharing the new growth at the tip top’s of our tree’s is always a beautiful way to reunite.




I have been spending my time in nature climbing mountains, guiding, meditating, working on my spiritual journey.  Connecting with the inner voice that comes only from within my heart.  I have been evolving at a rapid pace throughout this process.  The voice from within has become stronger, louder and clearer with every step I take.  It has lead me to some wonderful places within myself.  The truth I find there has been spilling out of my pores like sweat dripping as the sunshine warms my speaking soul.  It always guides my shell to the place it speaks to me.





This process at times has it’s moments of darkness.  The ability to sit in that space and feel the uncomfortable knowing the dark always leads to an even brighter place than before has allowed me to stare some of my most frightening fears in the face, to hold hands with them and make peace.  The vibration raises.  We all benefit from owning that place of truth within us.





I spent a weekend immersed in clarity back in early March at one of the most peaceful spaces I have ever been.  I was attending a workshop lead by Dr. Molly Casey at Shakti Power Yoga on music row in Nashville, Tennessee.

The time I took to nurture myself, love myself, allow myself the time to connect and take my meditation practice to a higher level was one of the best gifts I have given to myself and those I love.  I was able to set many future intentions for my next segment of evolution.





I have a journal of intention.  I write things in there that I dream about.  I read it often.  I meditate with it.  It is a form of expression that I use to keep myself centered.

One of the first things I jotted down in my journal of intention when I began this blog was to get the opportunity to be an adventure writer for an outdoor publication.

I was recently added as a contributor to Toyota Cruisers and Trucks Magazine to the outdoor lifestyle section.  Moxie my FJ and I had our first published article this April in TCT Magazine!  The full article runs pages 26-29.  The magazine is packed with amazing outdoor adventurous content.

I will be continually contributing to this publication.  I will also continue to contribute to that journal of intention as it only speaks and delivers me the truth.





My journey as a guide for The Foundation for Blind Children has been another area of tremendous growth.  We only have 2 more training hikes before our official week long White Water Grand Canyon Adventure!  The resolve and spirit of this team is a tremendously high vibe energy to be a part of.

The team is comprised of 12 visually impaired rafters and 9 guides.  We will spend 5 days rafting the Upper Colorado River along with 1 day hiking out the 7.5 mile Bright Angel Trail this June.

I held a charity silent auction at Brix Wines in Carefree AZ back in March that raised $3500 for the foundation.  So much love to the friends, family and strangers that came out to drop some pure kindness on us!  I will be sharing more about this team of Marvel in the weeks to come.

This was also something I wrote down in my journal of intention about a year before it I received the invitation to join the team.





A constant vision I see in my meditations involves waterfalls with me swimming through them, the mist gently landing on my skin as I admire the fluidity of the water. The Sabian Symbol for my Birthday is a nature spirit dancing in the mist of a waterfall.

I will be leading my first official group as a guide this September to one of my most favorite places on planet earth.  Havasu falls is our destination.  I will get to share the magic that is closest to my heart with this group.  This too was in my journal of intention.





I truly missed being here with you all.  I will be visiting with you all much more often.

Until our next reunion jot down some things in your journal of intention.  I’d love to hear what truths it reveals for you all.  I’ve got much more to come from that little book.  We will connect again soon.

Sending much love, peace and dirt,

Jes the CCC




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