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Fresh nut grinders at Whole Foods.  These things are so awesome.  This is as simple and clean as it gets.  Obviously we in the world of Paleo do not eat peanuts as they are considered a legume.  Some nuts are listed with higher reactions and some with lower.  I generally stick to Almonds, Cashews, and Walnuts.  These nut butters are great in so many settings.  They work great for crusts in a dessert, toppings for bananas, apples, or by the spoon. 

nut grinders




Hail Merry Tarts.  SO GOOD.  Simple ingredients and lots of healthy fats.  My favorites are the chocolate and the chocolate raw almond butter.  They are all incredible.  Paleo folks have a hard time finding good snacks and desserts.  This is at the top of my list.




Good ole mother nature created wool.  K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid!)

Specifically SmartWool has been my favorite.

I go into sticker shock when I see the price however after the performance level of this material I am convinced it is worth every penny.  I snowboard, hike, climb and do all of this in varying levels of weather.  They perform well across the board.

I currently own the Womens Merino Wool Base layer in NTS light 195 along with the bottoms to match.  I chose the 195 as they are made for cool and warm weather, the most versatile of the 3 offered.  I am wearing it in the photo below.  It is so good in so many different circumstances.  I wear the bottoms under jeans or my snowboarding pants depending on weather and have never felt uncomfortable hot or cold.

Browns Trail Snow


You can wash them over and over and over and I have yet to see even one stitch out of place.  If it is cold out, they keep me warm.  If it is warm out, they keep me cool.  Comfort is essential when doing strenuous physical activity.  Gear can make or break you.




I am obsessed with socks.  I have about 8 pairs of wool socks for varying weather and conditions. The right socks have made a major improvement on all of my activities.  They work great for protection and for performance.  This is a great article from REI on choosing the right socks.




Farmers Market Saturdays.  This has become a weekly addition to my schedule for a couple of months now.  We have a co-op and there are 12 markets around the Phoenix area that meet the approval of the co-op.  I switch it up weekly regarding what markets I visit.  I call it treasure hunting and post on my FB and Twitter pages my “Farmers Market Find of The Week”.  It has been so much fun.

Here is my FB address if you would like to connect that way:

farmers fare

Here are the top finds I have come across:

1.  Meat Vendor Circle Key Farms out of Tucson AZ.  I absolutely want grass fed local meats.  They have the best selection and the BEST bacon I have ever had.  I get really adventurous with the selection they have.  Goat shoulder has been my favorite outside of the bacon.  The beef is also really good.  Here is a menu of what they offer:

2.  Tuna Especial and Davy Jones Seafood as local fish vendors.  Both use sustainable fishing methods and are locally owned by families.

The canned tuna is from Tuna Especial.  Here is a great article about them:

The frozen sockeye and halibut:

3.  Chow Locally is a chowshare program I joined and I have mentioned them before in a previous post The Supplement Conundrum

I get a box of locally grown organic vegetable each week that are picked fresh from the ground 2 days before I pick up my box.

4.  I met a guy named Marc Sweet who just happened to make some really good Paleo snacks and protein clusters/bars.  He is an engineer by trade, and like me has some major G.I. issues so follows a Paleo lifestyle.  He realized quickly we as a group don’t have that many great snacking options and developed his own products.  They are amazing.  They work great on the mountain and in my gym bags.  he is continually adding to his line, everything he makes is great.!thestory/csgz

5.  Local honey vendor.  She has a slew of different kinds of honey and offers her expertise to help you solve ailments you may have.  Some are just delicious like the freshly grated ginger honey.




Lose it application.  It is available for mobile devices.  I am not trying to lose weight presently but do need to keep track of my intake to be sure I am getting what I need due to my extreme activities.  I don’t want to sacrifice hard earned muscle for fuel.  The app is very easy to use, and even has a barcode scanner to add your personal list.  You can also add your personal list manually.  Here is my day yesterday tracked on this app:












I am still tweaking my daily intakes and obviously have to eat a TON of food to get to my requirements.  It is pretty insane how I consumed all those Proteins, Fats and Carbs and still was short on my calories.  It just goes to show what eating clean and real food does vs. eating non nutrient high caloric foods!




I recently joined this group on FB.  It is a network of doctors that understand and follow a Paleolithic approach to healthcare.  Really great resources for us modern cave-dwellers!  The FB page has great articles written by approved doctors in this network.




My Triple Crockpot!  This thing is so awesome.  Adding some variety to your life with 3 different slow roasters is a sure way to do it. This is the one I have- each is 3 quarts.





Hot tea.  This has been such a lovely evening ritual.  Since I am mostly on the wagon these days this has replaced a nightcap with something that still feels like a treat and is quite relaxing.  I have quite a variety going right now and look forward to them every night.  I mix in some of my local honey and I have a nightcap that is GREAT for my health.





Ingesting chemicals is a toxic nightmare, so is putting it on your skin in the form of moisturizers. There are yet again more natural options out there.

This one even works well for the fellas since Almond Oil can also come in a non scented form.  I put the Almond Oil in a bath or use it as a lotion post shower.  My skin is so dry in the desert and with all the sun we get here this works really well for a moisturizer.  There are a few brands at Whole Foods or Sprouts.  I pick up whatever is on sale. 

The coconut oil works great for protecting your hair from adverse weather conditions.  I use it snowboarding or hiking to protect the locks from the sun and cold.  It also works well as a moisturizer.

skin and hair oils




TOP TEN LISTS! They are so fun to create, and really fun to read.  Think of a good top ten list for yourself.  If you feel inclined PLEASE SHARE!

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