This Little So-Cal-led Life

Namaste Trail Family,

Well… Ok… I guess it has been some time since we all gathered here to talk about life.  Where do we start? I guess I will do what I normally do and just start jabbering through my fingertips.

So last week I was standing at the American Alpine Club booth on the floor of the Salt Palace Convention Center for the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City chatting with two of their representatives.  I was there under 3 different guises.

I was introducing myself as of late for the first time that week in a business setting.  That alone has been a task of it’s own and saying it all out loud for the first time to total strangers was an experience that made me stop for a second and realize I have some explaining to do.

When I told them who I was, what I was doing there, and where I had come from, I had to own this story I am living out loud.  Sometimes I have to take a moment to realize that this is now my life and remind myself how it has led to where it is, and this unexpected and unplanned moment was it.  It all moves so fast at times I don’t think I had really stopped to acknowledge who this little soul has evolved into, of course this was all a realization for myself.

It’s a twisty, turning, uphill, switchback, dirt, rock, sea swelling, waterfall and flower filled path full of challenge and growth that I feel so fortunate to get to walk, hike, climb, swim, paddle, ride and sometimes just float day after day.  After initially stumbling through that explanation one of them said to me “I bet your readers miss your posts, when was the last time you wrote for them?”

I stood there with my jaw agape and literally thought; well shit.  It has been such a long time hasn’t it?! He called me out right there on the convention floor.

Truthfully, I write this blog with no plan, it is a place simply to connect with others in whatever space I am currently in. In the last year so much of my time has been spent working on my project SoulCare By CCC and I have found so many other wonderful humans to share in that soulful virtual vibe.

I did try Vlogging for a hot second.  While I enjoy taking you virtually with videos to the places I see, something about my fingerprints caressing and tapping the glossy keys and allowing my soul to speak this way just feels right.  Natural.  Like home.

So I am back home after another several months of traveling.  Coming home with me I carry a tremendous amount of inspiration, a mighty stack of business cards, many stories, a mind full of statistics and a slew of practical plans for how to continue to play my part in making the outdoor space a lasting and magical place.

Last we talked, I was recounting my 3 week summer roadtrip from 2015.  And so we are here to catch up again after I just spent the last two months filling my gypsy soul with travel, soulful connections, experiences and growth.

This time around it wasn’t a trip for me, it was my turn to start connecting this next segment of this nature fueled path to share all I have been so fortunate to learn and start to determine how I plan to continue to pay it all forward.



I started in June in Southern California spending several days cruising the boardwalks in the recesses of many of my summer childhood and teen memories. I was there to attend a sustainable happy hour mixer with prAna and Outdoor Industry Association in Carlsbad.




It seems I was also there to relive the memories of the Torrey Pines trails, tide pools, brine, salt, sea, surf and the always peaceful and low key vibe of SoCal.  I attended SeaCamp at UCSD right in the heart of SoCal as a kid.  That camp was so memorable due to the stellar education about our oceans that was given.

The majority of the places I cruised around were very much the same, however one consistent theme kept appearing, pollution.  The kind we can easily see with our naked eye, in the sky above, waste floating in the water below.  As much of a clean community this is, it was still impossible to not see it everywhere.




It wasn’t until I took the coastline up to Carlsbad and spent the evening at prAna with a stellar group of outdoorists that I learned from a grad student that was doing research for her thesis about all the pollution we can’t see.  The microfibers, the plastic that breaks into microscopic pieces that are affecting our environment in massive ways.




We all have so much to learn about what our impact has on the natural environment.  I realized at that moment my part in this had started to become clear.  And the further my travels took me this summer, the clearer that has become.

I have many more soulful stories to share with you from the last few months.  My soul feels like it has it’s place to speak about this part of my journey.

Thank you as always for pulling up a chair for me, starting the fire and offering up a warm welcome as we catch back up on life.

Next time we chat we will be re-visiting the High Sierra of Yosemite along with the lower segments of the valley.

Keep that chair warm, I’ll be back soon.

Peace, Love & Dirt,


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