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Tonight we dine with a new favorite of mine, Bison.  Bison Ribeye so far has been my favorite cut.  When I can I do choose to purchase organic, grass fed beef.  If I can get Bison instead, even better.  Bison is a tremendous source of protein and it is delicious!!  This article breaks down comparing it to beef, chicken, fish and even ostrich.


I also made a bacon, brussel sprout (food network would refer to them as micro lettuces to be all culinary correct), and date salad.  I used a homemade honey mustard vinaigrette for the dressing.




This is everything I used.  Bacon in the Paleo world is a funny subject, it is treated with nitrates making it questionable.  Paleo eating really comes down to going as natural as you can, avoiding hormones, nitrates and anything along those lines.

It suggests sticking to grass fed, organic meats and organic vegetables.  Much of the reason for this is due to the extra Omega 3-s in grass fed along with a lower fat content compared to grain fed.  There are quite a few other differences.  A good resource to learn a bit more about the difference:





I boil the brussels for about 5 minutes.  I then drain them and peel them like you would a large lettuce to make cups.  Add them to cooked bacon already in the pan.  Add the diced dates and saute.



Honey Lemon Mustard

For the vinaigrette, combine fresh lemon, honey, mustard, salt, pepper, and olive oil to taste.



mustard vinaigrette

I like a more lemon and spicy vinaigrette so I add more lemon and stone ground mustard.  If you like it sweeter go heavier on the honey.  It’s yummy to taste test as you get to the right combo.




Bison Ribeye

A little olive oil, salt and pepper is all the Bison needs to grill perfectly.  I like mine medium.  It is so lean, but very flavorful.  I like the consistency of the meat too.  Bison, don’t call it a comeback, it’s been here for years!



I am not a dietitian, nutritionist, or certified trainer.  I am a normal, smart, professional Woman who is also an athlete.  I was diagnosed with a very serious case of diverticulitis and within moments almost lost 60% of my G.I. tract due to it.  Once in recovery to avoid surgery going forward I did a tremendous amount of research and adopted a Paleo lifestyle.  The results I have personally seen and felt are worth sharing.  I am fortunate to have a network of professional athletes from many walks of life, nutritionists, trainers and other medical professionals to learn from. I am sharing my personal journey for those of you who experience similar types of health issues or are simply interested in the information I gather. I hope it encourages you and points you in the right direction to research further for your own personal well being.  For those of you who are looking to share in my relentless hiking passion, or those who simply enjoy learning about the things I come across I am happy to have you all along on this incredible ride!




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  1. G Dec 20,2012 8:41 PM

    Sounds amazing. I don’t do red meat but my mouth is watering.

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